Segway Tours WA - Rottnest Island

Explore Rottnest Island’s breathtaking scenery and natural beauty on your own revolutionary set of wheels.

Segway Tours WA will lead you on a journey of discovery and exploration into Rottnest’s most hidden treasures, taking you places you’ve never been before. Be one of the first people to enjoy this exciting, eco-friendly adventure. Riding a Segway is easy to learn and you’ll quickly be on your way to experiencing the previously hard-to-reach corners of Western Australia’s iconic island

Rated Number 1 activity to do on Rottnest Island by TripAdvisor! 

We offer two tours for you to choose from on Rottnest Island

Settlement Explorer

1 hour of Segway fun

Segway training and guided tour Adult $89, Children & Seniors $79.
(Family package 2 Adults, 2 children $285.60)

After being trained to safely ride and operate your Segway, you will be taken on a journey of exploration through the Thomson Bay Settlement. Learn about the amazing and sometimes controversial history of this pristine island.

Cruise with us on your Segway and absorb the picturesque vistas of the natural beauty of the island. What you experience will leave you spellbound and wanting more.


Fortress Adventure

1½ hour of action packed off-road fun

Segway training and guided tour Adult $129, Children & Seniors $115.
(Family package 2 Adults, 2 children $414.80)

This adventure takes you off-road to some of Rottnest’s most amazing places following a brief training session. We’ll let you get to know your Segway in our off-road experience area before embarking of an amazing tour, delving into the military heritage of Rottnest and its pivotal role in the defence of Fremantle Harbour. Visit the Bickley Battery gun emplacements and Jubilee lookout, and learn how important Rottnest Island was in defence strategy during World War II.


Segway Tours WA are booking agents for Rottnest Express Ferries and Rottnest Fast Ferries. If you wish to book our tours and ferry at the same time, please contact our friendly booking team on 1300 808 180.



Spring Tour Times

Open 4 days a week (Thurs-Sunday)

Fortress Adventure 9:00am – 10.30am
Settlement Explorer 11.00am – 12.00noon
Fortress Adventure 12.30pm – 2.00pm
Settlement Explorer 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Please Note; on occasions, tour times may change due to private or group bookings.

Our Location

Cnr Kingstown Road and Hospital Lane
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