Segway Tours WA - FAQ

What is it like to ride (glide) on a Segway?

Gliding on a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced! Step on and your instincts take over. You’ll quickly realize that the Segway PT will respond similarly to how you balance yourself – as if it were an extension of your body. Simply lean forward slightly and the PT will move in response. It all feels incredibly natural and really cool..

How does the Segway move and balance?

The PT senses the lean of the rider with the assistance of five micro-machined angular rate sensors and two accelerometers that sense the angle of the PT with respect to gravity at 100 times per second. It balances the rider by applying forces to the ground in the direction of the lean. If you lean forward the PT applies motor torque to the wheel to push it forward, bring you upright and balance you. When you lean back, it applies reverse torque to slow you down and balance you accordingly.

The Segway PT’s Leansteer technology encourages riders to lean and move from Point A to B. It does so by using the sideways lean measurements of the rider, along with the roll angle of the platform, to generate acceleration. Gently move the handlebar and LeanSteer frame in the direction you want to travel and feel the PT respond.

Does the Segway PT have weight limits?

Yes. Segway sets weight limits for rider safety and to reduce the risk of damage to a Segway PT. A rider must not be less than 45kgs. (100 lbs). The PT’s maximum payload (which includes the rider and all cargo) is 117kgs. (260 lbs). The total weight of any handlebar cargo plus any additional attachments hanging from the handlebar should not exceed 4.5kgs. (10 lbs).

Does the Segway Experience Zone have an age limit?

Yes, the minimum age is 9 years for the Segway Experience Zone. Even though the minimum age is 9 years of age, the rider must have a minimum weight of 45kgs.

NOTE: All children from 9-17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

What is the age limit for Segway tours?

The minimum age is 12 years of age for a Segway Tour in a public area. This is a Western Australian legal requirement and is strictly adhered to. The maximum age is purely up to the rider’s ability. If the rider can walk unassisted up a set of steps and no balance problems, then Segway gliding is for you….

Can I fall while riding a Segway?

Yes. While the Segway balances for you, it is still under your control and relies on you to control its direction and speed. It is essential to know the limitations of your riding ability and the Segway and practice your skills accordingly. As when driving a car or riding any moving device, care and observation of hazards is essential in order to avoid collisions with obstacles.

Your ability to safely control a Segway will be assessed during the training phase of your activity. If, after an appropriate amount of training and familiarisation time, our trainers assess that you are not safely able to control the Segway, for your own safety and that of others, you will not be able to take part in further activities.

Can I take part if I am pregnant?

We strongly recommend that expectant mothers do not participate in any Segway Tours WA activities for their own safety and the safety of their child.

What do we need to wear?

It is recommended that participants wear enclosed shoes, but apart from this, we simply recommend comfortable attire that is appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions. Segway Tours WA provides protective helmets to Australian Safety Standards.

What if it rains?

If Australia Post is delivering mail, the our tours are operating. Its only under exceptional circumstances our tours will be cancelled. If rain is forecast, we’d suggest you bring a rain jacket. We sell rain ponchos for the comfort of participants.

The bulletin board on the home page of the website will update you on the operational status of the tours. Please ensure that your contact details are correct when booking a tour.

How long does it take to learn how to ride a Segway?

The basic functions of the Segway can be learned by most people in a matter of minutes. The Segway’s operation is so intuitive that riders tend to feel completely comfortable within a short period. Prior to commencing any activities, our staff will teach you how to ride and you will be supervised throughout. With appropriate training and a little familiarisation time, you’ll soon feel completely at home on a Segway

Can I rent a Segway without a guide?

All our tours are guided by an experience tour guide. After a short period of training, you can ride a Segway in our Segway Experience Zones..

Is there a minimum group size for the tours?

No, we’ll operate any scheduled tour regardless of the number of bookings. Our maximum group size is currently 10 guests.

How far in advance do I need to book a Segway tour?

These Segway tours fill to capacity on a regular basis, and for this reason we suggest you  book online. We don’t want to fill our tour and miss showing you around. As a general rule, tours book up about a week in advance on summer weekends and a day or two in advance on weekdays. We will accommodate walk-ins whenever possible, however those spaces are very limited.

Can I purchase a Segway?

We can help you get the coolest machine in the world. Please call us; 1300 80 81 80 or send us an email; .