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How did Segways come to Western Australia?

This incredible ride has to be shared.

This amazing machine first fascinated me on a visit to Washington DC back in 2004. I leapt off a cramped tour bus and approached a group of excited tourists learning to ride a machine that stood up by itself. It was as though I was stepping into the future. These guys had smiles wider than the Grand Canyon. I had to try it.

Within minutes, I was hooked and knew I had to share this experience.

My insightful business partner shared the passion for this innovative, fun way to explore a city and saw a myriad of possibilities for its use in Western Australia. So we brought the Segway to Perth. Our desire to change how people see Perth and Western Australia is what inspired the creation of ‘Segway WA’. We became the first Segway dealer in WA and remain the sole dealer of the Segway product.

‘Why haven’t we seen Segways around?’ you ask?

Since bringing the Segway technology to Perth in 2006, we have been striving for change in the road traffic legislation to allow for the Segways to be ridden on paths and roads. Partial change finally came after much persistence and Segways were allowed to operate under commercial use by authorised tour operators earlier this year. What better way to explore the attractions this great state has to offer than on a self controlled, futuristic, eco-friendly machine?
Our mission is to provide a vehicle for Australians and international travellers alike to experience the beauty and diversity that Western Australia has to offer. That vehicle is a Segway. Segway Tours WA designs tours with English-speaking travellers in mind and invites you to share in the unique, weightless feeling that only a Segway can give you. We are proud to be West Australian owned and operated.

Why a Segway?

WARNING! Riding a Segway is extremely addictive.

The exhilarating sensation that you get every time you take off and glide on this self-balancing, intelligent machine will have you wanting more.
Nothing compares to the smooth ride a Segway gives you. The intelligent design automatically senses and responds to your body’s movements, making it so easy to learn and operate. You’ll be impressed with just how simple it is to master and how natural it feels to glide on a Segway.
These machines are fully electric and incredibly quiet. Zero emissions are emitted and it consumes 11 times less energy than the average car. You can glide guilt-free knowing that your Segway tour is clean and not harmful to the Earth.
The excitement we get from the Segway is a pleasure to share with you. We hope you accept our invitation to experience this modern transportation device and that you choose to jump aboard with Segway Tours WA.

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